Wooden ladders

Painters, plasterers and drywall installers have always used wooden ladders for their various trades. People who use wooden ladders appreciate the extra comfort they provide: The wood used in the stepladder is warmer than aluminium and does not react to paint, water or paste - allowing workers to avoid black discolouration on their hands and clothes.


Wooden stepladders – the classic choice for painting

Wooden stepladders with wide comfort rungs type 10504

Euroline wooden ladders are equipped with side rails made of high-quality wood that is free from knots, and stable hardwood / beech wood rungs. The classic euroline wooden rung ladder has been improved again and again over the years.


We have now developed an improved model with added comfort and safety – our wooden rung stepladder with wide comfort rungs, type 10504. The lower hardwood rungs are ribbed to provide a non-slip texture, have an extra wide contact surface of 50 mm and are installed horizontally for comfortable and safe footing. This wide contact surface provides fatigue-free footing even during longer work shifts and protects the foot joint. The upper rungs are vertical as usual. Since you cannot stand on any rungs higher than the 3rd rung from the top on stepladders which are accessible from both sides, This provides a comfortable place to lean.


Safety interlocking

Wooden stepladders with wide comfort rungs type 10504

All euroline wooden ladders are extremely stable and durable; we build them with knot-free wood, and use cylindrical finger pins to connect the rails and rungs of the ladder. This manufacturing process has proven itself in the millions of products our company has manufactured since its founding.


Bucket hooks and tool storage bag

Wooden stepladders with wide comfort rungs type 10504

Stepladders types 10501/10502 and 10504 come standard with one bucket hook.
Ladder type 10504 also comes standard with an easy to attach tool storage bag. Tool storage bags can also be easily ordered after the fact for ladders of types 10501/10502. The tool storage bag can be easily installed without tools.


Eco-friendly and sustainable

euroline only uses spruce, pine, and beech wood from sustainable sources for our wooden ladders. We never use exotic woods or other protected types of wood. We purchase our wood from Europe and North America. When selecting our suppliers, we take special care to ensure no wood or wood products from illegal sources are included in the supply chain. We complete a risk analysis for each supplier to ensure the origin of our wood materials. The analysis considers not only recognised certificates, but also binding self-disclosures.
The wooden material is ecologically neutral, since we use only non-treated woods for our ladders. In addition, our entire main factory is heated with production waste from wood processing.



Wooden stepladders with wide comfort rungs type 10504

Many years of practical experience has also influenced the accessories of the classic painter ladder: Extensive and practical accessories by euroline, such as paint can holders or non-slip ladder shoes for our painter’s ladder, offer additional comfort in all kinds of trade work.
Aluminium side rail extensions: Whenever you need to paint with your ladder on an uneven surface – for instance inside a stairwell – variable aluminium extension rails can compensate for height differences and turn your ladder into a stairwell stepladder.
They are not connected by clamps, as in the past, but simply pushed into place. The specialized aluminium box-type profile offers good lateral stability.
The aluminium extension rails can be adjusted to any height with one hand, and lateral stiffness is much better than with a wooden extension rail.
Simply push into place: Aluminium extension rails turn your wooden stepladder into a stairwell stepladder.


Other wooden ladder products

Besides painter’s ladders which are accessible on both sides, our product range also includes simple wooden rung ladders with high-quality semi-circular side rails, stepladders accessible on both sides, and stepladder podiums. Ladder shoes are also available as accessories for simple rung ladders.

Wooden rung stepladders with wide comfort rungs and bucket hooks type 10504
Wooden stepladder 10503
Wooden plasterer’s stepladder, single side access 10580

More information on euroline wooden ladders

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You can find more information in our online catalogue, starting on page 47 Wooden ladders chapter.

If you have any questions on the products or services we offer, you can reach us at 05281 / 932040, via e-mail (info@euroline-leitern.de) or using our contact form.

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