Platform stairs, podium ladders, and platform ladders

Comforable + safe = mobile podiums and platforms by euroline. We always have the right solution to ensure you can work safely at any height.


Enquiry form platform ladder / ‐stair and working platforms

Enquiry form platform ladder / ‐stair and working platforms

Are you interested in further platform ladders /-stairs or working platforms? Please send us the enquiry form with the required information by e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


You can get in touch with us by phone 05281/932040, by e-mail ( or via our contact form.


We will be pleased to give you any advice for our stairs, railings and ladder constructions.

Platform stairs:

Optimal for working on shelves - our platform stairs: Types 51501 and 51502 single side access platform stairs and types 51601 and 51602 double side access platform stairs. Both single and double side access mobile platform stairs have extra wide, 180 mm steps that offer an outstandingly secure surface for climbing up or down. The large platform (620 x 720 mm) is surrounded by a 1.00 m high podium railing as a standard feature. The railing can be easily attached to the stairs, without any special tools. The slim standing surface width makes our mobile platform stairs an ideal tool for use between high shelves. Depending on the platform stair model you select, it is easy to conveniently work up to 3.40 m high.

With the Bowden cable system we’ve developed, platform stairs types 51502 + 51602 are highly mobile and safe: The lever lifts the aluminium platform stairs to their mobile position, then immediately fixes all four side rails in place when you let go. Since the rollers are no longer in contact with the floor, there is no need to fix them as well.

Podium ladders:

You can climb even higher with our mobile and folding aluminium podium ladders. Podium ladders (model series 32777 / 32778) allow you to work up to a height of 5.78 m with a podium 660 x 570 mm in size. Combine these ladders with triangular platform scaffolding to ensure a comfortable, secure standing surface. A large storage area (480 x 200 mm) also makes it easier to work on the podium ladder. In contrast to standard solutions, you can specifically choose a more narrow body for podium ladder type 32778 instead of a cross bar. When combined with specialised ballasts, this podium ladder allows you to work in even the narrowest of areas.

Platform ladders:

Our aluminium stepladder with single side access and large stand platform - type 32677 - is a true all-around performer that fulfils every standard. The 80 mm horizontal standing surfaces of the steps provide a safe, low-fatigue standing area on these platform ladders. With two handrails you can attach yourself, you can be sure your climb is safe. Two rollers (each with a diameter of 125 mm) make it simple to move the platform ladder, which is available in seven different sizes. Stepladder lengths range from 2.00 to 4.00 m. This means you can reach potential working heights of 2.45 to a maximum of 4.30 m. In addition, highly tear-resistant safety tension straps stabilise our platform ladders from the six-step version and up. The two additional stiffener elements provide a spreader safety, and come standard with all model sizes of our platform ladders.

Additional information on mobile podiums & platforms

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You can find more information in our online catalogue, starting on page 60 Mobile podiums / platforms chapter.

Are you interested in other platform, step, and rolling variations? You can contact us at 05281 / 932040, via e-mail ( or using our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on any stair, scaffolding or ladder construction.

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