Efficiency paired with safety

Custom euroline solutions for Deutsche Bahn

Secure enclosure

The Deutsche Bahn is having its double-decker wagons maintained and repaired in Wittenberge (Brandbenburg). To ensure the technicians can work safely and comfortably, euroline developed a special solution customised for the vehicles. Above all, completely enclosing the double-decker wagons was a challenge for the access technology specialist from Bad Pyrmont. Since 2015, twelve platforms with height adjustment and side extension podiums with buffer protection and “zero” gap have provided ideal working conditions.


In the “Competence Centre for Heavy-Duty Double-Decker Wagon Maintenance” in Witenberge, employees of the Deutsche Bahn get passenger cars back into shape. More effient work and shorter downtimes were the goals euroline wanted to fulfil with its customised, tailored special solution, delivered in 2015. Although previously it was only possible to cover partial areas (12 metre + 3.50 metre using an attachable platform), the new special design completely encloses one and two-storey wagons. To meet this challenge, the construction was extended to 24 metres. With one connection platform which could be attached on the front, and a cassette platform on the other side, it can be expanded and adapted for varying wagon lengths. All work on the double-decker wagons, including rooftop work, can therefore be completed “at a single go”, without having to move the platforms. Thanks to its flexible utility, the special design ensures shorter downtimes for all locomotive and wagon repairs in the competence centre.


“Zero” gap

Easy handling, maximum safety


The side platforms are moved to the area and attached, starting construction directly around the wagon. After mobile Vario stairs are attached for safe access, the height is adjusted. Then, the side podium extension is extended, and the attachable front platform is attached, while the mobile cassette platform is also moved to the desired height on the other side. Individually adjustable cassettes allow the platforms to adapt perfectly to wagons and locomotives - which can be driven up directly on the track - without creating a gap. Attached rollers ensure that working in halls is also no problem. Thanks to its modular design, the system can also be used quickly and inexpensively at other locations. This construction, combined with reversible screw connections, also facilitates simple expansions of the system.


Connected to side platforms, the overall structure securely provides a safe enclosure, and adjusts to differing wagon lengths. Since the attached railing on the platforms can be removed from all podiums, it is possible to create a uniform working surface along the entire double-decker wagon. In addition, each of the twelve platforms can also be used as single platforms in Wittenberge, making it easy to complete front work on a variety of locomotive and wagon types. Thanks to buffer protection with “zero gap”, this is easier than ever.

Location: München

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