In the past, consumers found it difficult to recognise quality products on the ladder and mobile scaffolding market, in particular when differentiating them from products by foreign manufacturers - some of which are sold with falsified quality seals. To combat this problem, seven leading German manufacturers of high-quality ladders and mobile scaffolds founded DELEIFA – Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Leitern und Fahrgerüste e.V. (German Quality Association for Ladders and Mobile Scaffolding) in Berlin in October 2012. After a long preparatory period, the association started its work on 01/01/2015.
Products by DELEIFA members are marked with a unique quality seal, making it easier for consumers to recognise them.


DELEIFA clarifies the issues of

  • Correctly working with ladders and mobile scaffolds
  • Selecting the correct ladder for a specific task
  • Recognising quality products

, with the goal of improving accident statistics.


Today, prevention work by accident insurers has succeeded in reducing the number of accidents in commercial settings involving ladders and mobile scaffolds since the 1990s, from a previous level of approx. 45,000 accidents annually to a current level of approx. 24,000 annual accidents. Two to three times more accidents are estimated to occur in private settings, although no statistics are maintained on such accidents. DELEIFA sees this as a major area of potential, where consulting and educational work can help reduce accident numbers.

DELEIFA has established clear quality criteria that stand behind the quality seal, contributing to both prevention and precaution.


euroline products designated with the DELEIFA quality seal fulfil the following criteria:

The specifications of DIN EN 131 (European standard) are generally applicable. These are typically valid for professional sectors, but the seal also expands them to cover consumer goods.

1. Extended warranty

Our products have a 5 year extended warranty, in addition to our own manufacturer warranty period.

2. Rung depth

The rung depth for portable aluminium ladders is at least 28 mm, in order to ensure a safe and comfortable standing surface.

3. Replacement parts

Each manufacturer guarantees that replacement parts will be available for a minimum of 10 years after the end of manufacturing for the product in question. This ensures longer availability for the ladder or mobile scaffold. The list of available replacement parts is as follows:

  • For ladders: Ladder feet, side rail end caps, spreader locks (straps, cables, chains), attachment hooks, hinges and joints, frame fittings, cross bars, pictogram stickers, operating handbook
  • For mobile scaffolds: Side pieces, rollers including spindles, scaffold flooring, ballast weights, couplers / connecting grabs, struts / cantilever arms, chassis beams / cross beams, handrails, knee rails, foot rails, cotter pins, construction and usage instructions

In order to facilitate proper replacements of safety-related fittings, we recommend only having repairs completed by our factory. This includes primarily the following components: Attachment hooks, frame footings, joints, hinges. Consumers can replace all other components on their own.

4. Transportation safety for double-sided ladders

All double-sided ladders are equipped with a transport safety in order to protect the ladder's joints during transportation.

5. Customer and professional advising

All member companies have “Technically skilled personnel”. These are specialists who have completed a training session and expert test to become “Person qualified for ladders and mobile scaffolds”. Each member company also provides the name of a customer contact person.

6. Training sessions

Training sessions are offered and completed by our expert trainers for both professional and private users. Participants can also obtain a certificate as a “Person qualified for ladders and mobile scaffolds”.

7. Check lists

In order to improve the availability of ladders and mobile scaffolds, we suggest an annual functional check. Member companies provide check lists for this purpose.
This provides information particularly on critical points, like ladder feet, spreader locks, damage to the ladder body, loose connections between side rails and rungs, joint problems, etc.

8. Call centre

DELEIFA offers information by telephone for all questions related to ladders and mobile scaffolds, from Monday to Friday 8 AM – 1 PM at Tel. no. 0231 / 2251372 an. Your contact person is Ms. Melanie Winkler.

9. Auditing

All member companies and products undergo an independent audit by a commissioned quality auditor in accordance with ISO 9001 before products receive the quality seal.

10. Patent

The quality seal has been registered under patent law, and is protected for exclusive use by DELEIFA.

11. Quality seal

The quality seal looks like this:

Ladders          Mobile scaffolds

Gütesiegel DELEIFA LeiternGütesiegel DELEIFA Fahrgerüste

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